Class Cosmetics

Website Design


  • Class Cosmetics


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • 7 Pages
  • Ovatu integration
  • Icons
  • Treatment lists
  • Ketones link
  • WordPress Build


  • Basic SEO
  • Custom Log In
  • Video Tutorial

Project Info


Having been left with a half finished website, Class Cosmetics came to us with a brief to create a simple, clean and functional site. One of the big challenges was to create an integration with the current booking system Ovatu.


We went through some design ideas with Class Cosmetics, finally landing on a colour pallete and aesthetic which mirrored there image and salon. We also managed to imbed the code for the Ovatu integartion so that customers could book directly through the site, creating a better conversion rate from webiste browser to paying customer!

Website Development

Website Infrastructure

To build this site we used WordPress and the Divi theme plug in. This allowed us to create a website that is:

  • Easy Edit – Following the hand over process, Divi’s intuitive¬† building platform allows content to be refreshed.
  • Responsive Design – Content will look great no matter what device it is viewed on.
  • Reliable – WordPress and Divi are market leaders in web design software. This site is also hosted with our secure Bluehost servers.