Our goal at CR Digital is to create stylish, functional websites that allow your customers to not only find you, but connect with your project or business.

A website is a massive part of a brand identity. For many members of your target audience – this will be their first impression. Make it a profound one!

At CR Digital we offer all kinds of different website designs, from smaller more simple one page designs; to more complex e-commerce and multi page sites.

Based in the Midlands, we have a team of highly skilled web designers with years of experience waiting to give your project the digital identity it deserves. To see our process hover over the images below …


In the planning stage we firstly organise a Kick Off meeting to start the project. This allows us to meet you and introduce ourselves. We will use this meeting to discuss what you are wanting from the new site and your inspiration for the site. We will create a website chat in which ideas can be freely shared so the whole process is fluid. Finally we will create a proposal document outlining the work to be carried out and the price.

The Build

The build phase is the longest, as this is where we get to work creating your digital masterpiece. We will work off the information we have obtained from our initial meeting and any subsequent conversations that have been had in the group chat. This will allow us to create a Homepage that is hopefully close to the finished article. We then send you, the client, a link in which we ask you to review the functionality and design of the Home page. Any feedback will be used to tinker with the Home page until it is perfect. Using the Home page as a template for consistency, we then create the remaining pages. The final stage will be the Final client review, in which we give you time to test the site and feed back any alterations you want to make before the site goes live. You will then receive your own personal log in to access the back end of the site.


IT's LAUNCH TIME! The most exciting part of any web design project is here. Theres not much to this stage apart from deciding the most appropriate launch date for your site. Once this has been agreed on we will ensure the site goes live on the exact time and date agreed on.

Hand Over

The final stage in the process is here. You have an exciting new website to show off to all your new visitors! The next step is to organise a training call or provide a training video. In this training session we will talk you through the back end of your website, how to edit certain things and change settings. But don't worry, even after your free training we will always only be a call away to help with any questions you have!


At CR Digital, all of our websites are built using a powerful web design software. This means all of our websites are ‘responsive’ no matter what device they are viewed on.

Over 50% of website traffic now comes from mobile and tablet devices, meaning ensuring your website can perform as well on a desktop as it does on a mobile is more important than ever!

This responsive design also helps us develop the site as you grow, adding links to social media posts or blog posts.

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Your CR Digital website is the perfect choice for busy business owners, due to the easily editable interface. All our websites are able to be edited by you, with a powerful visual builder and content management system making changing text and updating content a breeze!

Creating great content can not only be time consuming, but requires a lot of skill.

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All of our CR Digital websites are built with search engines in mind. This means that ‘straight out of the box’ your website will be compatible with search engine algorithms, giving you the headstart you need in creating a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.

SEO requires skill and consistency to begin to gain domain authority and rank above your competitors in search results.

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Pro-Tek Engineering

Pro-Tek approached us in need of a complete overhaul of their existing website. What they had did the job, however over the years had become dated and wasn’t mobile friendly. With an aim to increase their level of marketing both online and offline, we were happy to have been given the opportunity to work along side them in leveling up their online presence…